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GatorGrip© Buckle with Nylon Web Belt

I wanted a belt that would not loosen. A buckle that would not rust. A strap that would not stay wet. Or rot.

And I didn't want chrome-plated pop metal. My grandpa called pot metal 'pop metal' because, he said, "It goes 'pop' when it breaks." I could not find what I wanted. So, I accepted the challenge and set out to make it myself. It took 2 years, but my 100% USA recycled solid brass GatorGrip© buckle is the world's best, and so is the 1.5 inch wide tightly woven ballistic nylon web strap, 52 inches long.

Handsome, comfortable, strong, and rustproof!

I have hand cut shapes of your favorite animal and soldered it to the brass. You can't rip it off. No paint, no lacquer. Just a hand rubbed mixture of beeswax and turpentine. The natural metal color that you see has a slightly distressed look (my grandma called it tarnish, antique dealers call it patina) and it will look even better with time and wear.

See for yourself why "My toothy grip will never slip! "

Your favorite belt. Guaranteed.

Check out how I set up my buckle and strap.

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