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Joe wears that belt EVERY day. Thank you. JW

This belt is probably my favorite article of clothing that I own. TK

I got the belt in the mail today and I love it!!! I’m thrilled with the belt and with your service. LJ

My husband gets lots of compliments when he wears this belt! RB Your belts are such beautiful works of art! NS Izaac Walton lived for many years in London, where he kept an Ironmongery shop on Fleet Street. So appreciative of the amazing belt buckle! JF I appreciate the quality of your product, service, and handling of your business. Grateful is a better word. You live in one of my favorite places in the world. Hope to meet you some day. SG A good friend of mine gave me a belt purchased new from Orvis and made in your forge. The buckle is absolutely incredible! JF Can you tell me about custom options? My sons gave me one of your artisan buckles with a belt for Christmas and I am an instant fan. It's pretty obvious that you love what you do. SG We already have one of your belts, and after Christmas all of the men in this family will have their own belt. We love your work! Have a very happy holiday! AS Great belt. Great story. By the way, I forgot to mention your new packaging.  Very nice, very contemporary.  Good job. FR I was complimenting my good friend DF this weekend on his arrow head belt buckle you made for him.  Very sharp craftsmanship! Would you be interested in making another one for me? Thanks so much! LB Really, the buckle is absolutely wonderful! I love your story and how you create and what you create about. It has thrilled and brought unmeasurable pleasure to me to be able to give my boyfriend something so special made by the hands of a master.  He will absolutely love and admire it. Thank you with all my heart for crafting a thought into a tangible expression. S-NP I received the arrowhead belt today and it looks great! Thanks so much for making this one for me, and it wears perfectly! Thanks so much, DF It arrived, and is so wonderful!  I’m going to order another one for Father’s Day:). Many thanks! JH Mark, I received my new pheasant belt over the weekend here in NC. Love this, and just wanted to say thank you. Take care, CD Holy cow, Mark!  This belt is awesome!  It arrived today and utterly blew me away!! Thank you so much!!   Keep making art, brother!  JLC  The belt is here and looks fantastic. I have been giving this belt for special occasions for a few years now. I have given 3 of them. I am sure my friend will love it on the occasion of his 40th birthday. I look forward to seeing things you are working on and will order more belts. I am hoping someone figures out to give me one. RH Buckle and belt just arrived! I picked up the package on my front porch a couple of minutes ago. It’s a very handsome rig, and I plan to start wearing it right away. The belt’s a perfect fit. So you know, I’ll be sending you a first edition of A River Runs through It and an essay I wrote about its publishing history. JM I am interested in discussing the possibility of personalized belt buckles with you. I own a quail preserve and a 64' Viking - both with their own logo and I purchase mementos for my guests from time to time and your buckles would be great! WW Loving my belt and get tons of compliments!  AW My husband loves his belt and I love my pendant.  Thank you so much! We wanted to buy a few gifts for Christmas presents.  Can you ship to different addresses? AW Got the belt, outstanding job!  Excited to give that to my friend!  Thank you! MD The belt is amazing!!! You have a lot to be proud of. Very nicely done. And I see the belt has buttons so I can buy the coho buckle later for the same belt. Until then. Stay well. BP Mark, I received the gator grip belt with embossed pheasant today. I must say that the photo doesn’t do it justice. It’s just perfect. RH Mark, your belts are handsome works of art. SR Mark, I just got my belt (and my dad’s). The first I'd say is, why are the belts so inexpensive?   They are awesome!   I’m so excited!  I love mine and I know my dad will love his.  I’m going out to my club (burge) and going to show it off. AW Mark, Just wanted to let you know that the belt was a big hit at our son's Birthday. Thanks again for helping us make that date.All the best, and be safe out there.K&CT
Hey Mark, Absolutely love my new belt and buckle.  It's such a piece of art, love it!  Thank you. JT

Thank you very much for your quick service, and the superb quality of your work!  I will enjoy this piece and it is something I can pass down to my son someday.  Thanks again.  GR

Belt arrived today. Very nice. Thanks. JB

I received a belt as a gift and I absolutely love it. It’s beautiful and I love it! KF

This is a fine looking buckle!!!! JC

Looks great! MB

This one is next level. I love mine. I wear it every day. EM

Absolutely beautiful! RG

Wow Mark, this is stunning. Just beautiful. It  is just perfect. The back ground is really perfect for the duck. PW