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How to set up your GatorGrip© belt

Seasonal layers of clothes, or weight gain and loss, will alter your girth. And a too-long tab end can get in the way.
In order for your belt to fit all year long, give some thought about setting it up like I do in the photographs below.

Here is how: 


Think about how long you want the strap to be.

I suggest that you cut it long. You can always shorten it.



Remove the strap from the buckle.  Take a look at the picture below. Just a gentle pull on the tag end of the strap will open the clamp.



Do not remove the brass tab.

You will cut the strap at the cut end of the strap. You can cut from this end as many times as you like.

A sharp cut, then heat to fuse the nylon fibers is all it takes. Links to two short videos are at the bottom of this page.

If you use a flame, use the side of the flame, not the top, because the side of the flame is cooler and will not set the nylon on fire.

Just melt the nylon fibers and they will fuse.



Open the strap clasp by gently pulling up on the tag end of the strap- the clasp will rotate and open.

Set the strap into the buckle with the desired extra length tag end protruding like this-

When you wear the belt, the extra strap tag end will be hidden by the length of strap that circles your waist. I have been wearing this buckle for 3 years.


I also like to hide the tab end of the strap inside the buckle, especially when fly fishing. Nothing protrudes. Just that much less for the fly line to find, and get hung up on.


Scissors and lighter method.

Use sharp scissors, and short strokes at the base of the scissor jaws.


Torch and blade method.

Use any thin metal, vise grip style pliers, and flame. You can even use the gas stove in the kitchen, if you get the timing right.