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Have you ever thought about making a belt buckle for your ranch, lodge, business, or family? These are perfect gifts for guests, customers, corporate clients, groomsmen and bridesmaids, and make a great addition to any gift shop.

I use the lost wax process of hand casting. First, I carve a clay model, then make a soft silicone mold. A resin model is cast in the silicone, then de-molded and refined. A hard silicone mold is made from the resin model, and wax replicas are made in it. The wax models are embedded in an investment mold, then burned out after the mold has hardened. Bronze is cast into the investment mold, and that makes the final metal replicas. The investment mold is destroyed in the process, and has to be re-made, along with the wax models, every time.

The cast bronze figures are then married with pewter, brass, bronze, or nickel in the process of making each buckle.































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