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"Bug Out Bob" Quail

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Bob is the bomb! The original bomb, not some Hollywood bomb. Exploding from your boot toes, you wonder why you could not seem him first. Save your ammo, man, Bob is bugging out!

Hand cast in yellow bronze, then set into sculptured pewter that overlays a base of cartridge brass and nickel. A fired 20 gauge shot shell base means you won't be seeing this flying bomb again any time soon. Each buckle is unique- no two are identical. This is an elegant marriage of 6 recycled USA metals. Made with hand tools, signed by me, 2.25 inches diameter.

This buckle is partnered with a full grain buffalo leather belt. Buffalo is thicker, softer, more flexible, stronger, and resists abrasion better than cow leather. Read more about your 1.5 inch wide buffalo leather belt here.

Note: Belt size is waist size in inches, plus 2.

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