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Buckle Butter

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Your buckle has natural metal colors. I have put a protective beeswax and turpentine coating on it. I call this mixture Buckle Butter.

To keep your buckle glowing softly, occasionally apply my Buckle Butter,  or a high quality paste wax such as Johnson's, Butcher's, or Renaissance. There are other quality waxes, but I have not used them so I cannot testify to them. But the 4 mentioned here are super waxes. Paste waxes are getting very hard to find in any store. They are best bought online.

I suggest that you do not use metal polish on your buckle because it will remove all color.

If you do not keep your buckle waxed, it will gain character. The metal colors will tend to darken (patina, tarnish) depending on how much sulfur is in the air where you wear the buckle.

All of the alloys that I use contain copper. That copper allows the metals to be malleable, reducing brittleness. All metals are color reactive, some more so than others, especially those that contain copper. Even the white bronze will be come a light golden bronze color. I vastly prefer that to the shiny silver white.

Buckle Butter. In a 1 ounce aluminum screw top jar (will not rust) with polyethylene lid liner. (will not leak). Comes with a nice cotton buffing cloth, included.