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70% of Profits to Preserve Alaska's Bristol Bay



If you buy any of my Sportfish Collection or Waterfowl Collection artisan buckles (hey, tarpon fishers and duck hunters want to save the Bristol Bay fishery too!)

I will donate 70% of my profits to

That's right: 70%.

We can't afford to fool around on this one.

So far, the efforts of a Canadian company to open pit mine and destroy the water that feed the trout, salmon, people's livelihoods, and cultures of Alaska's Bristol Bay have been thwarted.

But these people have not stopped. So, our efforts to preserve Bristol bay have not stopped either. In fact, our resolve has it must. We must win.

So take action: buy one or more now. I travel to hunt and fish, so it might take a few days when I am in studio, or a few weeks if I am out of pocket. But don't worry. I make them one at a time, and I have no employees. I am a retired veterinarian and I do this metal work for fun. Things that are worthwhile are worth waiting a while for, when you have to.

Enter coupon code PPBB at checkout. You will not get a discount, but that way I will know that you read this, and that you want your money to go to You will get a thank you note recognizing your important monetary contribution to this non-profit cause, and you can put the note in your tax planner file.

It's up to us now. Thank you for doing your part and making a contribution to a most worthy cause. And getting a damn nice artisan handmade buckle and buffalo belt at the same time.


Trout Unlimited Alaska has been working to protect Bristol Bay from the proposed Pebble mine for 20 years. Thus far, a key federal permit has been denied, but the mine remains a threat. Trout Unlimited's Save Bristol Bay campaign will use 70% of profits from your purchase to fund work to make protection of Bristol Bay permanent. Learn more and take even more action at