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Garden and Gun Magazine T. Edward Nickens called in the studio and we conducted a Q and A for about an hour. From that, Eddie wrote a very descriptive account of the reasons and methods behind my artisan buckles and belts. Thank you for including me in your Wild South series.

Trout Unlimited's Kirk Deeter and Tim Romano were kind enough to share their enthusiasm for my trout belt buckles in their Holiday Gift Guide. Thank you gentlemen.

Southern Trout Magazine Don and his staff wrote a fine article about my work in their magazine, pages 114 through 117.

MidCurrent Marshall Cutchin has my buckles and belts in his store. Besides having been wonderful to work with, his guiding experience isn't limited to the flats. No wonder he is so well respected in the fishing community.

Moldy Chum Brian and Paul were among the first to comment on my artisan fish buckles. Fortunately for me, the comments were way positive! Many thanks for that.

Troutrageous Thank you, Mike, for noticing my work. I appreciate your generous and sincere compliments about it.

Angling Trade Magazine Many thanks to Jack Nickens for telling AT readers about my artisan fish belt buckles. Worn from board room to estuary, I hand craft special buckles and belts.

850 Business Magazine Many thanks to Kim Harris Thacker for taking the time to interview me at the Seafood Festival in Apalachicola Florida. It was wonderful. And it really is an honor to be recognized by the publishers of the premier magazine that drives the business community here in Northwest Florida. Thank God for the Forgotten Coast. Pages 8, and 67.

Field and Stream Magazine and Outdoor Life Magazine T. Edward Nickens rated my belts highly, high enough to suggest them in his Father's Day Gift List! Thank you sir. It was kind of you to think of me and my work.