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Pike on the Fly

Jet to Anchorage. Brush plane to Aniak. Float plane to Holy Cross. Boat up the Yukon to the I*** River where there is a houseboat camp anchored in a slough. Capacity is 6 fishermen, 2 to each skiff.

The water was dropping fast, and the fish were concentrated. They were feeding heavily in preparation for moving to their wintering grounds. Perfect conditions. When the water reaches the 3rd marker, it is time to start closing camp and heading home for the winter.


This is the most amazing Sheefish and Northern Pike fishery on the earth. Here we see a school of sheefish feeding midriver. Sheefish are salmonids and great to eat.


 Pike up to 50 inches, and sheefish almost as big.

Fly fishing was extraordinary, and while I took too many flies and fished several, all you need is one: a red and white bunny. Here is Scott with some of his Fat Rabbits that he tied for us.

One afternoon the two of us caught 130 pike up to 32 inches...nonstop action.

It is man cooking- the guides take turns- but the food is really good and plentiful.