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Orvis: More than I could have imagined.

One of my aspirations as an artisan has been to be included in the Orvis store. Great goods from an iconic American company.

Well, starting in 2017 I got to do just that.

I have long known the Orvis history as a family owned business. Still, I was getting myself mentally prepared to deal with a corporate giant. You could say that I was pretty much sweating bullets after I read their 53 page vendor guide.

I have to tell you, this was an amazing experience. I was blown away!

I dealt with 7 women in product development, merchandising, operations analysis, vendor compliance, and quality assurance.

Each person helped me at every step of the way. As a novice, I made my share of mistakes, let me tell you. Without their help, I would have probably have abandoned this  dream.

Every one of these Orvis associates helped me every way they could. They made the whole process go smooth as frog hair split 4 ways and sanded. It was like I was dealing with a family owned company, where everybody working in the store was family.

That is because everybody working in the store IS family!

Thank you for including me.


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