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The RV To Fish From Sea To Sea. Part 2. Construction.

Pescatore University Mobile Lab is Now Finished

A major objective, not stated in Part 1, is to have this RV not look like an RV. (A RV is proper grammar, but that sounds awkward. I am going with an RV on purpose.)

Pescatore University looks like a passenger van. Exactly the kind of thing that would be used by teachers and students who study the aquatic macroinvertebrate food web. Translated: people who pursue fish that eat small spineless things.

Why go to all this trouble? Well, this is a house on wheels, and it contains a lot of valuables. Better that it look like there are only napsacks, bookbags, sneakers, Doritos, and old sandwiches inside.

Perforated vinyl on the windows coupled with a total absence of the usual external RV utility fixtures accomplish this goal. Easy to see out of the van from the inside, but impossible to see into the van from the outside.

Professional graphics will improve upon my simple PowerPoint rendition, but here is the essence:


Piscum captura, ergo liberum

You will have noticed that there is no roof AC and there are no roof vents. In fact, there are no roof perforations at all. Air handling has been interiorized using split-system technology. 
Awnings are another RV giveaway. Plus, awnings are sunshades but that shade is fixed, meaning that much of the day they provide no useful shade whatsoever. However, portable sunshades are.....portable! One can easily move portables and obtain shade where ever and when ever it is wanted.
Shady sites are preferable, but sometimes there is no shade and sun is unavoidable.
Here are 2 kinds of sunshades to carry, each with it's own advantages. A common advantage is that both can be erected in less than 1 minute, and either one can be relocated in about 1 minute.
First, the CLAM screen room. A 12 foot wide hexagon with a simple tarp floor, big enough to contain a picnic table, chairs, cooking table, etc.
When buggy, this is the fix.
Second, the KingCamp shade. It can be set up in a variety of positions- up, down, horizontal. This is one way that it can be used.
Among the many layers of security there will be inconspicuous 360 degree outside and inside security cameras with cloud-uploading and cellular notification. Cameras are wireless, 1080p HD video, two-way audio, 2.75 inches square and 1 inch thick. Four cameras will suffice mounted on the van, plus one camera inside. But the system can operate up to 10 cameras, so remote cameras can be hidden near the van, monitoring all aproachs to camp.
There is a temptation to consider installing motion activated LED lights, but they would be difficult to obscure unless they can be incorporated in the power articulating roof rack. 
Artist's (that's me) Conception