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A Cure for Baldness

So, I was sitting at the computer today, organizing photos and text and preparing to take  a stab at online marketing of some of my buckles via Facebook. 

This is a little like having to go into a strange and unfamiliar forest in pitch black darkness. Not like you are afraid of the dark. Just of the stuff that you know damn well is in there.

Anyway, I noticed that one of my arm hairs is 2.25 inches long. No kidding.

I took a few pictures, which was a challenge because I had to try to get reasonable focus with one hand holding the camera and pressing the shoot button at the same time.

I am thinking: what is allowing this hair, in this follicle, to be this way? Is it staying in it's growth phase? Or is it growing faster than all of it's cohorts? Is there some other explanation?

If we knew, we just might have the cure for baldness.